Board of Directors

CPJ Board 2018

The Board of Directors of Citizens for Public Justice (from left): Leah Watkiss, Martha Wiebe, Jim Dekker, Trixie Ling, Naomi Kabugi, Mike Bos, Adrian Helleman, Rick Manual, Rene Adams, Wayne Groot, Harold Roscher, Monique Verhoef, Tiffany Talen, and Cherilyn Spraakman.

Bringing together vast and varied skills and talents, CPJ’s 13-member board of directors has representatives from all regions of Canada. Board members can sit a maximum of two three-year terms.

Current board members are:

Rene Adams, Community worker

Representing Toronto
Residing in Brampton, ON
First term ends June 2021

Mike Bos, Chartered accountant

Treasurer, Representing Ontario-at-large
Residing in Ottawa, ON
Second term ends June 2019

Jim Dekker, Retired pastor

Chair, Representing Southwestern Ontario
Residing in St. Catharines, ON
Second term ends June 2020

Patti Fitzmaurice, Social justice coordinator

Representing Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Nunavut​
Residing in Winnipeg, MB
Second term ends June 2020

Wayne Groot, Farmer

Vice-Chair, Representing Alberta - North/Northwest Territories
Residing in Gibbons, AB
Second term ends June 2020

Naomi Kabugi, Anglican priest

Representing Canada-at-large
Residing in Ottawa, ON
Second term ends June 2019

Trixie Ling, Youth case worker

Representing BC/Yukon
Residing in Vancouver, BC
Second term ends June 2021

Richard Manuel, Baptist pastor

Representing Eastern Canada
Residing in Summerville, NS
First term ends June 2019

Harold Roscher, Chaplin

Vice-Chair, Representing Canada-at-large
Residing in Edmonton, AB
First term ends June 2021

Cherilyn Spraakman, Retired physiotherapist

Representing Canada-at-large
Residing in Newmarket, ON
First term ends June 2021

Tiffany Talen, Social worker

Representing Southern Alberta
Residing in Redwood Meadows, AB
First term ends June 2021

Leah Watkiss, Social justice worker

Representing Canada-at-large
Residing in Toronto, ON
Second term ends June 2019

Martha Wiebe, Professor of social work

Secretary, Representing Northern and Eastern Ontario
Residing in Ottawa, ON
First term ends June 2019


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