2017 Annual Report

CPJ Annual Report 2017 A Year of Partnerships

In this Annual Report, you’ll read about CPJ’s work in Ottawa and across Canada. And you’ll see that every single aspect of our work is done through the partnership and support of thousands of justice-minded people of faith.

The development of partnerships is, for CPJ, more than tactical. It is an essential element of what we understand the ministry of Citizens for Public Justice to be all about.

Whether our work focuses on poverty, ecological justice, or refugee rights, we refuse to do this work alone. Our Christian witness is bigger than any one denomination – there are a half dozen represented among our Board and staff, and more among our membership base. We often work with non-Christians in common causes. Our theory of change leads us to believe that unless those directly affected are involved, our activities, no matter how well-intended, can lack authenticity. Our strategies to advance public justice are therefore always open to creative collaboration and mutual respect as we fashion impactful action for necessary change.

Partnership also extends into the creation of financial stability for CPJ’s work. Our members and partners have recognized CPJ’s capacity to deliver cutting-edge research, education, and action programs. Through their donations and financial gifts, last year’s deficit was overcome and replaced by a healthy surplus in 2017.

CPJ was blessed by the faithful service and inspired guidance of some incredible Board members who will retire in May 2018: Genevieve Gallant of Ottawa served as Personnel Liaison to the staff, Thea de Groot of Sarnia served as Board Secretary and chaired the Development Committee, Monique Verhoef of Calgary chaired the Program Advisory Committee, and Adrian Helleman of Toronto served on our Program, Finance, and Nominations Committees.

In over 50 years of public justice ministry, CPJ’s reach has never been quite as broad and deep as we and our members have fashioned it today. And with your help, our partnerships will be even stronger and deeper tomorrow.

Dear partners, please continue to collaborate with us, challenge us, and pray for us!

—Rev. Jim Dekker (chair of the Board) and Joe Gunn (executive director)

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